We’ve tried: The movie walking tour by Icono

    Get to know your favourite movies set in Barcelona with Icono.

    The Icono tours give you the chance to discover Barcelona like a true local. I had the opportunity to go on the movie walking tour, perfect for me as I’m crazy about cinema! With this tour you’ll be able to see where films like ¨Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona¨, ¨All About My Mother¨ and ¨Perfume ¨ were shot.

    barcelona de cine2 Plaza reial by reservasdecoches

    We all congregated at the Columbus monument and we were soon on our way. I discovered that there are many movies set in Barcelona- and in places where you least expect. It’s amazing being able to walk around freely on former movie sets, where you know that the likes of Penelope Cruz et al have all set foot before!

    Our guide was very enthusiastic and had an incredibly deep knowledge of the city. Her narrative, descriptive style made the route all the more interesting- certainly more than just walking, looking and taking photos. She also carried with her photos of the various movie scenes, so you could compare the reality of the sets with them. This way, you knew exactly what she was referring to.

    For me the highlight was seeing the locations of the scenes from ¨Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona¨. After the tour I liked the movie even more as all the scenes were filmed in places you’d never expect. For example, Café Quatre Gats, where Javier Bardem sat, is a location you would never easily walk into whilst wandering through Barcelona.

    IMG_1121 columbus monument Barcelona

    I would definitely recommend this tour. It’s about much more than just the movies- you also get a feel for the history and culture of the different historical locations as you walk around. The tour takes about 2 and a half hours and you’ll see lots of famous spots: Plaza Reial, Plaza Sant Jaume, Quatre Gats and many more!

    If you like cinema, this tour is perfect for you!